madjac music

madjac music is a music production business run by Jeff Widenhofer out of New Orleans.



Jeff spent 10 years in New York City working as a professional guitarist.  He played in Broadway orchestra pits, television studios, major recording studios, and bands and churches all over the city.  He now lives and performs in New Orleans.


Jeff produces music for movies, television shows and commercials.    In 2014 he was in contention for two Oscar Nominations for his music in “MURPH: The Protector”.  In the last year he has produced music for local and national televarms-crossed-squareision commercials, documentary films and independent projects.

My old job


Jeff grew up around Detroit.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1997.  After college Jeff served as a Navy Officer and Helicopter Pilot and deployed to the Middle East four times.  While underway aboard Navy ships, Jeff continued to write, practice, perform, and record award-winning music.